Is a Scam?

Published: 14th April 2011
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There are a significant number of online searches that seem to question whether or not is a scam. This is likely the result of the inclusion of in pre approved credit card offers mailed to potential cardholders from Discover bank. What exactly is is a portal website operated by discover financial. Discover Financial is a financial services company that issues the Discover Card. The Discover card is the third largest credit card brand in the U.S. and has nearly 50 million cardholders.

Discover financial offers prime credit card products. These products are for people with excellent credit ratings. To acquire new customers, Discover will often pre screen potential credit card applicants by reviewing the potential applicant's credit report. If a potential applicant meets their credit criteria, Discover will send that potential applicant an application for one of their credit cards. It is in that application that you may find the address

Although some skepticism can be healthy particularly nowadays, is not a scam as it is successfully used by thousands of applicants each month to apply for a new discover card. The credit card terms often include cash back bonus, rewards, and competitive interest rates. We have found that the terms for most discover card products match up fairly will similar products from competitive credit card issues in the industry.

One of the few drawbacks to applying for a credit card at is the fact that you may not be able to compare credit card products. Often companies such as Discover will choose a product that it hopes an applicant will apply for. This choice may be better suited for the credit card company's profit margins than it is for the potential cardholder. This may not be the most advantageous way to apply for a credit card given that the credit card company may not be aware or concerned with the potential applicant's specific credit needs.

Although tens of thousands of cardholders have successfully applied for a credit card at you may want to first compare credit card products from other credit card companies and even other products from Discover Financial to insure that you are getting the absolute best deal and the best credit card for your specific credit needs.

Visit where you can quickly review, compare, and apply for the offers located at and apply for the credit card of your choice.

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